Welcome to my blog!

I created this space to explore not only the world, but myself. This is my own personal space to document my personal experiences and growth as I travel to find my purpose in life. I have decided I’m not going to sit back and live my life without anything to show for it.  I definitely do not want to end up like everyone here in my hometown! I want to really understand what it means to be a well-rounded individual. I want to gain knowledge one can only obtain by living… Living a life full of adventures, of newness! I want to have a wide range of interests, I want to just know things. I want to share my findings of great wines, delicious food, amazing stores, interesting people, exceptionally good music, and beautiful art. I will never be able to do any of this if I just stay here, working my day job, that only pays my bills. I will continue to live a life of just getting by, and this is not something I’m willing to just settle with.

That’s when I asked myself; what do you really want Autumn….

 I long for the thrill of being somewhere I’ve never been. Reminiscing over far too tasty dinners and even better drinks! Finding exceptional shops, walking around a farmer’s market and enjoying local festivities. Being a witness to the astonishing beauty of nature. Being the one to capture pictures of that “you have got to see this view” type of photo and not only wishing I could be seeing it in person. Doing one of a kind type activities, like zip-lining in the amazon, eating in a tree-house in Thailand, or Painting in Paris. I want to read good books while lounging in a hammock, or maybe at a French bistro! You never know, and that’s what I want; to never know where I’m going to end up, what I’m going to be doing, just simply enjoying MY LIFE!


I hope you enjoy every step of this journey as much as I will! This blog will be the space I’m going share all my experiences, all the places, and all the fun I encounter traveling and meeting new people! I started this blog to really find myself, my passions, and document it. I want to help others find their passions. If someone like me can make all my dreams come true, so can you! I want to share how you can become happy and follow your dreams! I want to show everyone you actually can do anything you want as long as you stay motivated and focused! Have a little faith in yourself and you’ll soon realize the only thing holding you back, is YOU.

More About Me!

I do not have any children and to be honest I don’t really plan on having any; well at least for now I don’t. On that note, I do have a dog-child, haha his name is Harley and he’s a spoiled little Maltese! I do have a job, I’m a barista. You know what that means, I LOVE COFFEE! I actually really enjoy a good cup of tea as well. I am an avid reader and one day really want to produce some novels of my own! Keep on the look out when I finally become an author! I am super into astrology!! I’m obsessed with the zodiac and birth charts! Yoga and Meditation are a part of my life and if you ever want to chat about it, I’d be more than happy to connect!

I’ll be posting on here, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat!
Looking forward to connecting with all of you!