Before I even get to my destinations I always check Groupon to see if their are any deals for local restaurants that i would be interested in going to. I also go to the restaurant’s websites to see if they have an email program to receive offers and coupons before I leave! This helps you budget and pick out places to eat before arriving to make your time more enjoyable, since you are going in with a plan!


18424225_10207412726755484_8554288110115321691_n - Copy - Copy - CopyLocated in the Hyatt Hotel in downtown; this is where I had a delicious brunch! I had a groupon which made it only about $40 for two people! If you didn’t have the coupon i wouldn’t say it was really worth going to. The food is really good, but its still just a hotel restaurant. The place was completely empty during my time there but the staff was super friendly! I got chicken and waffles with a sweet potato souffle and my friend got eggs benedict and hash browns. We were served mini donuts as an appetizer which were so adorable! Our drinks were very good as well! I probably would go back but like I said before, only if i had a coupon.


This is a chain restaurant so you may have one in your area! This was probably my favorite dining experience overall while in Chicago. They had the most amazing playlist! Some great 90’s and 2000’s alternative rock!! Definitely a great way to reminisce over dinner and drinks! The sangria was SO GOOD; best one I’ve had to this day! I had the chicken and avocado sandwich and my friend had a grilled chicken sandwich as well. I signed up for their reward program before heading there and they had sent my a coupon for buy one get one free entrees! So this was a total score!

21558686_10207412724875437_415182053054424802_n - Copy - Copy

The introduction to my Acai bowl addiction all started here. This place made me crave smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, you name it for like 3 months straight! I got the little miss sunshine bowl! It was so filling, completely delicious and healthy!! I didn’t have any coupons for here but they do have an app you can download for you phone! If you enjoy some healthy food and want to experience some great fruity flavors, check out Peeled Juice Bar! I want to start a petition to get one in my area! LOL


Okay, let me tell you if you do anything at all you NEED to get a burger from this place. It is literally life changing! I got the Led Zeppelin burger, because well that’s my favorite band so i jut had to! The Led Zeppelin is a burger with bacon, and wait for it, PULLED PORK ON TOP! Its HUGE, but so so worth it!! They are a metal/rock eatery and their burgers are named after rock bands! Such a cool concept and even better food! You are not doing yourself any favors by skipping this place! This was the highlight of my trip and sadly I didn’t even get to enjoy my burger because I picked it up on the way home and it was cold by the time I got home (I only live 5 hours away). I did take a bite before hitting the road, best single bite of a burger I have ever had in my life. NO LIE! haha!

21557556_10207412726675482_1365931696582356214_n - Copy - Copy

This is an Italian gelato and coffee shop! They have shops all over so you may have one in your area, but if you don’t, I’d highly suggest you stop by for some great Italian gelato!They shape your gelato into a flower and you can purchase a macaroon to place in the middle which is exactly what i did! This was seriously amazing, pricey ($8 per cone) but worth it. At this point you’re not only paying for the gelato, but the experience and beautiful “food art”, so would I pay $8 for a cone of gelato again; in a heart beat. The employees were patient and friendly allowing us to try different flavors before choosing our favorites! I picked mango and coconut with a vanilla bean macaroon! The little shop was so lovely and nicely decorated if I lived in town I’d probably spend a lot of time here! Definitely a must while in the area!




21558641_10207412727755509_1507604485790935030_n - Copy - Copy

This was the most extravagant coney island I have ever set foot into! It was wild, a two-story building filled with crazy decor and they even had a model-t car suspended from the ceiling! The lines were insane! You didn’t wait long but they had like 6 different lines which could get very confusing. I’m not even sure how we ended up figuring it out! There are employees who walk down the lines writing your order on a bag. Once you get to the register you finishing ordering. There are several pick-up stations  and it’s so funny because they say little rhymes for your order number. This is the place to get a CHICAGO STYLE HOT DOG IF YOU WANT ONE! I’m from Detroit so needless to say I had a regular chili dog! LOL! Oh well it was still really good and only cost me $5!



21558551_10207412724835436_350082020532332062_nFinally some Chicago style pizza! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! This was my first time ever having a Chicago deep dish pizza and it was pretty tasty! I wanted to get pizza from Lou Malanti’s but we ended up going here with my friends family instead. We got ham and pineapple as our toppings, probably not so Chicago-style, but whatever! The sauce was really great, not too sweet but just sweet enough! We also got a house salad it was just as tasty! Our waitress was absolutely horrible! She didn’t really seem to know what she was doing, the place was not that busy and it took her far to long to check-in on us and to give us our bill it; was a little ridiculous. Overall i enjoyed the food but it’s not located in Chicago and I will probably never return this place ever again.So if you’re looking for a place to get pizza I suggest going to Lou Maltanti’s or Giordano’s the most famous Chicago style pizzerias around!


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