Chicago, Illinois


21616091_10207412724115418_2983114511480235022_nAlthough, it didn’t seem that windy… lol it was hot though! This trip was so much fun! I have so many good things to say about Chicago! So let’s begin! I didn’t get the chance to take a boat tour or view the fireworks but these two items are extremely popular for tourist and locals alike! So if you the get the chance I would highly suggest doing these things! One downside during my visit was the heat and in combination with a breeze it didn’t help the disgusting sewer smell! I know what you have to think, its a big city what did you expect? I don’t know it was just horrible haha! Otherwise the city was quite beautiful! It can be pretty crowded near the Magnificent Mile and the River Walk, but once you venture off Michigan Ave the streets aren’t as full. The buildings are tall and glorious, the old brick buildings give you such a extraordinary feeling. I imagined what life was like during the 40s gangster time period while exploring the city, I often do this when traveling. Each city has so much history and wonderful things to be discovered! So lets see what Chicago has to offer, shall we?


I was traveling with a friend and to cut down on cost we ended up staying with her aunt, who lives right outside the city. Don’t have a friend or family member near the city?! No worries, I still have some affordable suggestions for you! AIR B&B! You could easily get a trendy apartment right in downtown! Here is my code for you to get $40 off your first stay using air bnb! Click Here to Claim you $40 0ff code! They have plenty of hotels right in downtown, but that could cost you more than you probably would expect. So staying on the outskirts would be the best. They have a numerous amount of public transportation, so don’t worry about staying outside of downtown!


21751401_10207412725955464_3019293556041610808_nSpeaking of public transportation, We used the train, which was only $8 for the entire weekend pass.  If you would prefer biking over walking or taking a cab, there are a number of bike stations around the city. For just $10 you can bike all day! A little advice, biking on the river walk is pretty much impossible, as well as the Magnificent Mile. They do have bike lanes on the streets, be warned the streets are just as busy as the sidewalks! We also took Lyfts when places were too far too walk. Have you ever used Lyft or Uber? If not they are basically cab services, use my codes for $5 off 3 rides! I ended up only paying $2 a ride since everything was relatively close! Click here to Sign up & Save!
Staying with her aunt helped us not have to pay for parking in downtown which can get expensive, but if you end up needing to find parking it shouldn’t be hard.


I suggest downloading this app; SP+ Parking. You can find all the parking structures/lots in the city on this app as well as google maps! They have coupons and specials for purchasing parking passes through the app!

During your planning process I’d highly recommend checking out any deals on Groupon first! They have tons of deals, anything from tours, restaurants, events, and so much more! This will help you decided on you day plans as well! They have a Chicago City Pass available if that’s something you’d be interested in! This pass allows you to visit multiple attractions for one price!

This app shows you all sorts of activities going on around Chicago! Whether you are looking for something cheap to do or even FREE! This shows you all the plays, concerts, festivals, or comedy shows!

The amount of things to do is unlimited are you ready to explore the windy city yourself?

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