Blogger Recognition Award

Hey everyone! I am so pleased and completely honored that in my first few weeks of blogging I’ve been nominated not once, but TWICE for this award! I want to thank these two lovely ladies from the bottom of my heart for supporting my journey and considering my blog for this recognition! My first big shout out is to Jacqueline Garcia, and her blog Distant and Local! She was the first to nominate me, and if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, I highly recommend it! I quickly fell in-love with it, we have many common interests, she flat out rocks! My second shout out is to, Stephanie Campbell; you can find her blog here: Brunette by Design. Her blog is absolutely stunning! Not only is her site pretty, but her writing is great! LOVE HER! Stop by her blog, show some love and tell her I sent you!

In Celebration of this award let’s chat about why I started this blog;

So, the main reason I started this blog was to have a place to release my thoughts. I have so many ideas, so many dreams, so many aspirations, they serve me no purpose all bottled up inside. Therefore, I created this lovely blog to explore my inner passions and truly find myself. I want to explore the world, and I deeply want to share with others all the possibilities that await you, if you just believe in yourself.

Thinking of starting your own blog?
Here’s some tips:

  1. Stay genuine and true to yourself. Do not just do this because its going to earn you money, yes it is a plus, but how do you really expect it to be successful if you aren’t putting your heart and soul into this. Stay motivated and love what your writing about. All you hard work and effort will pay off in due time if you stick to honest content. Everyone nowadays loves to read/see about other people’s lives; so even if you don’t think you’re that interesting, I bet you’re wrong and someone wants to hear all about you! Keep you heart in it, and you will succeed.
  2. Find other bloggers to befriend. You are who you hang with, as the old saying goes. Virtually hanging out with other bloggers, running ideas past each other, asking for feedback, advice, you name it these people are here to help you! You don’t have to be on this journey alone, and trust me you’re going to see it’s a lot easier to succeed with support! There are plenty of blogging groups on Facebook, join some and find some friends! You’ll learn so much from just a couple of scrolls down the screen!


Now here are my 30, that’s right 30 nominees!


  1. Gen Y Mission (Inspiring millennials, super creative, wonderful blogger!)
  2. Simply Alice (Lovely girl, lovely blog, looking forward to reading her story!)
  3. The Runaway Diaries (The name really drew me in, afterwards left really inspired!)
  4. Oh Happy Hotalings (Super helpful Gal! Hopefully a new friend as well! GO READ!)
  5. The Money Doll (Can’t wait to read everything from her! Great advice, relatable)
  7. Style Life Beautifully (Beautiful girl, beautiful blog, beautiful content, end of story)
  8. The French Lemon (FOLLOW her with ME! BEST NAME EVER! Plus she likes books!)
  9. Eclectic Kurves (I struggle with my own body image, this blog’s mission is lovely)
  10. Zesty Olive (WOW, can we say creative and wonderful content! GREAT NAME)
  11. Momma Chef ( Everyone always need quick and easy recipes! This is amazing!)
  12. Copper Crown ( LOVE THIS GIRL! She’s new to blogging like me! GREAT POSTS!)
  13. Babbling Beauty (HOLY COW! This BLOG is just GOREGOUS!)
  14. Not A Perfect Girl ( BRAND NEW BLOGGER! Love her message, and can relate!)
  15. Unbothered Style (This girl has got it going on! WILL BE FOLLOWING, Join me)
  16. Gorgeously Flawed (I mean, who doesn’t love a blog about makeup!)
  17. Blog News Weekly (This has got to be the coolest Blog ever! INSTANT FOLLOW)
  18. Spiffy Kerms (I can not wait to travel to California, for now I’ll watch her blog)
  19. Prairie Pine Designs (I love that she gives back to nature from her designs!)
  20. For The Love of Wanderlust (completely obsessed and envious! LOVE IT!)
  21. Warm Coffee Hub (I NEED to be friends with her, this blog is STUNNING!)
  22. I am Bryant W (Very Cohesive, preppy style and deserves some recognition)
  23. Daily Mormon (I’ve always been intrigued by Mormon/Amish lifestyle, Take a peak)
  24. Project Allen Designs (Interior Design has always been a passion of mine, LOVE!!)
  25. Tint of Ink (Super interesting concept, love it and its mission! CHECK IT OUT!)
  26. The Hubbel (We share some similar passions, and really loved reading her blog!)
  27. The Sleepy Lotus (Everything on this blog holds a special place in my heart!)
  28. Capital Confessions (Living Life; that’s all we can do. Looking forward to this blog)
  29. 365 Beauty Tips (I LOVE MAKEUP AND BEAUTY TIPS!)
  30. Unapologetic Kinkz (self-love, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN POSSESS!)

Congratulations everyone! I look forward to reading all your blogs!
Remember when passing on this great honor to follow the rules below:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

15 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thank you SO very much!
    This couldn’t have come at a better time, and has lifted my spirits WAY up! 😀
    The Sleepy Lotus has been a process filled with love and has allowed me to delve into leaning and sharing techniques and tips to enrich this path to spiritual enlightenment.
    I’m honored to have this awarded to The Sleepy Lotus!
    I will definiately pass this along and I can’t wait to follow you and the other nominees!
    Happy Blogging guys and congrats to the other bloggers who are recognized! 😉 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Thank you so much Autumn, I’m so honored to be nominated. I’ve been going through a tough time these last few months and wasn’t able to focus on my blog as much as I planned to. Hopefully I’ll finish the revamp this month and get back on track.
    Being recognized means so much to me! Thanks for sharing the love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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