Traveling All 50 States; Finding my Passion


green-chameleon-21532I have always been the type to “enjoy the finer things in life” and no I’m not just referring to a nice house and a fancy car. I enjoy experiencing new things, seeing amazing places, eating delicious food, and meeting interesting people. I have quickly come to the realization that I love all these things, but have never been able to do them. I am stuck in the same hometown, doing the same boring things everyone around here as always done. This is not how I want to spend my life. I want more than a normal 9-5 that I hate, spending my precious time being under-paid and unappreciated, and just working to pay my bills.

alex-knight-192782If I truly want to enjoy my life, I just need to get out there and explore what this world has to offer.  How will I ever make my dreams a reality if I never take action pursuing them. That’s when it clicked, ever since I can remember I always wanted to write. I love traveling, regardless of my lack of actually traveling, I figured why don’t I start a blog. I can combine two things I love together and create something special. So here I am writing this entry, and starting my adventure.

toa-heftiba-274947This journey is the first step to truly finding my life’s purpose. I am so honored to share my experiences and my search to find what makes me passionate with all of you! This amazing new adventure is starting out by traveling to all 50 states! I’m so thrilled to see what interesting things I can find right here in America. I will be sharing every step of the way right here on this blog!


matt-duncan-127528Do you want to get ideas for your next trip, are you curious about how to plan an affordable trip, wondering if this is something you can do yourself? I hope I can inspire you guys to go out there and enjoy the world, experience something new, and make some awesome memories. Stay connected and I’ll show you anything is possible when you put your heart and soul into it. I’m aiming to gain a new perspective on life, and truly find my life’s purpose. So who’s ready to explore with me!

XO Autumn.

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19 thoughts on “Traveling All 50 States; Finding my Passion

  1. I feel like I wrote the whole first paragraph. I have been saying those exact same things for years now! I too live in a small town and I’m ready to get out and travel, and my biggest fear is a 9-5 job. I will definitely be following your journey and hopefully getting inspiration to start a journey of my own!

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    • Thank you so much! I’m connecting with you on other platforms and would love to stay in touch! I love that you enjoy reading so do!! I wanted to connect it with my blog but I just don’t think it will fit well on my website, so I might do it as a feature on my Instagram or snapchat!


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